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Quebec Montgolfieres

flight away with us


Quebec Montgolfieres

aeorostatically yours
Jacques Brouard, chief pilot

All year round, at your choosing. Dependent upon good weather conditions, that is to say calm winds, good visibility and no rain.

• Rendez-vous with Québec montgolfières at the place indicated upon confirmation of your flight.
• Check-in.
• Transportation in our vehicle to take-off site.
•  Inflating the balloon (those that wish can participate).
• Technical information given to the passengers.
• Boarding and take-off.

Flying at different altitudes according to the choice of the pilot, geography and wind conditions. Air temperature is more or less the same in the air as on the ground; there is no wind in the basket as the balloon moves at the same speed as the air around it. The ground crew is in radio contact with the pilot and follows the balloon to landing.

After folding away the balloon, the traditional toast is offered by Québec montgolfières. You will then be returned to the rendez-vous site.
Length of the flight: Approximately 4 hours with the flight itself lasting about one hour.


Hot air balloons are accessible to all, nevertheless they are not advised for pregnant women. Wear comfortable clothes and walking or training shoes. A cap can be very useful. Bring a jacket or a sweater that you may put on during the preparation of the balloon or after landing. Don't forget your camera!

Québec Montgolfières Inc - 450 Rue Champlain, Québec  G1K 4J3    tél: 418 261 1783

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